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Plant Audits and Contract Services

Plant Audits

Cajun Controls provides audits on chemical feed & storage, plant equipment & controls, and cooling water systems. We offer a wide variety and level of audits ranging from a simple audit to a very detailed technical audit of the system. Technical audits are a qualitative evaluation of all equipment, operational practices, and chemical factors known to have an impact on system reliability, costs, safety, and environment. Audit data are compared to design or best practices, and the deficiencies found are assigned a risk and a cost. A detailed report is issued capturing recommendations and action items.

Heat Exchanger Monitoring

One of our most popular types of audits is our Cooling Water Heat Exchanger Monitoring Program. Understanding and tracking heat exchanger performance can be extremely valuable to our customers. System stresses can greatly impact the performance of the heat exchanger equipment, which directly affects reliability and profitability. Our Heat Exchanger Monitoring Program helps our customers not only understand the performance of their equipment, but also provides recommendations on action items required to improve or recover performance. Also, this program will allow customers to predict when the heat exchanger needs cleaning and/or replacement. This is an Excellent Turnaround Tool!

The key parts of our Heat Exchanger Monitoring Program Include:

  • Gathering engineering data and TEMA sheets for all exchangers
  • A thorough walk through the system and creation of a plot plan and diagram
  • Collecting field measurements on all exchangers
  • Entering all data into a Master Database where engineering calculations are performed
  • Delivering detailed reports comparing ‘design vs actual’ with recommendations and KPI analysis

Contract Services

With competitive cost pressures driving customers to look for ways to operate more efficiently without jeopardizing quality and reliability, Cajun Control Systems offers Contract Services to our customers. Contract Services is a term used to describe different service offerings we provide our customers for their water, wastewater, utilities and process additive applications. Many of our Contract Services are tailored to fit customers’ specific goals and economics.

Although feed and control equipment, tanks, and filtration equipment are a vital part of our customers’ programs, the maintenance, operation, repair, and replacement of the equipment or program can often pose challenges to the customer when focus and resources are directed toward production. Cajun Controls’ Contract Services is designed to provide our customers the ability to have their costs be predictable and their equipment and programs operating at maximum efficiency and reliability.

Examples of Contract Services Include:

  • Maintenance and parts contracts
  • Cleaning and calibration contracts
  • Field testing and reporting services
  • All-inclusive contracts including taking ownership of equipment, tanks, and analyzers – maintenance and calibration – and repair/replacement/upgrade

We will provide a free system survey and cost estimate for any Contract Service Program. Please contact us to schedule your audit today!

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