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Filtration & Ion Exchange Systems

Cajun Control Systems: Water Services

Our water services division assists customers in solving the most challenging water quality issues and providing water treatment solutions that primarily utilize membrane and filtration technologies. Our vast knowledge of water treatment technologies spans throughout our organization, where we strive to help customers reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies, meet environmental regulations and prepare for the water quality demands that their applications require.


  • Permanent Filtration Unit
  • Mobile temporary units.
  • Custom design Containerized systems
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Cartridge filters
  • Membranes
Media Filtration

Filtration is used to protect several process systems (such as Reverse Osmosis), and equipment from debris that can foul or damage process components.

Our Industrial Water Filtration products, include carbon, multi-media, sand, greensand, inline mesh strainer, and cartridge and bag filtration, to name a few. Systems are custom designed and built for each application.

Water Softeners

Softening involves the replacement of the hardness ions with a non-hardness ion. Water softeners usually use sodium (Na+) as the exchange ion. As hard water passes through a softener, the calcium and magnesium trade places with sodium ions. Sodium ions thus replace the hardness ions in the water.

Progressive offers a complete line of Industrial Water Softening products to meet the needs of each individual client. Equipment is custom design/build equipment. In every case, the customer’s requirements and preferences are considered prior to any design.

Ion Exchange

Deionization (ion exchange) is a very efficient process for removing dissolved salts and minerals; mixed-bed deionizers provide higher-quality, neutral pH, and better removal of silica and CO2 than mono-bed systems.

Deionization systems can produce the quality of water required for any specific application, up to 18 megohm/cm resistivity @25C.

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