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Field Management Services

Cajun Control Systems’ Field Management Services (FMS) is a comprehensive management approach to help our customers achieve maximum value by providing dedicated & tested field personnel for chemical programs. In today’s environment, clients have an urgent need for reliable, trained and dedicated field representatives for various chemical feed and control applications.

From managing the product and service supply chain to having the responsibility for the performance of the entire chemical system, Cajun Control Systems’ FMS drives results for continuous improvement. Results are a product of taking ownership of the entire chemical program, which typically includes commodity chemicals, such as acid and bleach, along with de-bundled specialty chemicals, like inhibitors and dispersants. When ALL chemicals are managed effectively, tremendous improvements in reliability are achieved.

The main goal of the FMS is to optimize chemical consumption and improve chemical process efficiency. The driving force behind Cajun Control’s FMS is designing our control programs to incentivize process improvements and reliability over chemical costs. By effectively managing the supply chain and optimizing chemical usage, we can minimize chemical costs and provide savings to our customers.

Our primary focus is about efficient chemical usage, application of the chemical, and the impact on the overall process. It is the job of the field manager to deliver benefits to every part of our customers’operation, including inventory control, process management, maintenance, environmental, health, safety and routine analytical testing.

Field Management Services can encompass any aspect of our customers chemical additive programs. Our FMS programs are designed for:

  • Commodity products, such as caustics, acids, and bleach
  • Specialty chemical additives, such as cooling, boiler, raw and wastewater products
  • Process additives, such as inhibitors, dispersants, scavengers and emulsion breakers

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