Responsive. Adaptive. Intuitive.

Cajun Control Systems, LLC. has recognized and responsively adjusted to the on-going changes in the industrial marketplace. Industrial manufacturing and service sectors are faced with examining all facets of business in an attempt to respond to an increasingly competitive environment. In many instances this makes it necessary to refine operating resources to core business-related functions. Today there is a rapidly growing trend toward outsourcing functions that can be more efficiently and economically performed by others. The advent of downsizing and depleted support functions has heightened the need for engineered packages and turnkey systems.

Service & Support

  1. In Plant Audits
  2. Simple/Complex Installations
  3. On-Site Project Management
  4. Comprehensive Training
  1. Service Contracts, PM & Repair
  2. Stocking of Spares
  3. Creative Financing

Custom Engineered Solutions

  • Application Engineered Designs
  • All Materials
  • Custom Interface
  • P&ID, GA Drawings
  • Reference Manuals
  • Start-up Support

PLC/PC Automation

  • Allen Bradley
  • Honeywell
  • GE-Fanuc
  • Siemens

Cajun Control Systems, L.L.C.

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Our Promise

Responsively, Cajun Control Systems, LLC. has taken the necessary steps to meet our customer's technical and economic expectations. With the customer's needs in mind, we have reorganized and expanded our capabilities and support to all divisions of our company. Cajun Control Systems, LLC. product offering, combined with our application experience as well as our engineering and quality fabrication practices, has resulted in an unparalleled total capability for packaged solutions.